Richard Heeps

Richard Heeps’ seductive, highly saturated colours and  sophisticated pictorial structures demonstrate a true love and  empathy for his subject matter - be it cool descriptive interiors, still  life or landscape. His distinctive style pushes the limits of lens- based photography without the need for digital manipulation.

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Heidler & Heeps

Acclaimed contemporary photographers, Richard Heeps and Natasha Heidler have collaborated to make beautifully mesmerising collections. A celebration of the vinyl record and analogue technology, which reflects the artists practice within photography.


Natasha Heidler

Heidler's seductive images are a playful collection of contradictions. Ghostly outlines collide with vibrant colours. Their black backgrounds give them the appearance of neon signs lost in the night sky; the casinos or hotels they may have once belonged to, long gone.


Poppy Faun

Poppy Faun is a collage artist and graphic designer from her home town of Brighton. She uses unique 1960's and 1970's images, spending her days searching through flea markets collecting idiosyncratic magazines and postcards then transfigures them into aesthetic perfection. 


Samuel Field

From snow covered alleyways between terraced houses, to fully clothed sunbathers reclining in deck chairs, Field's images are unmistakably English. Almost as if to portray the country through the nations favourite topic, the weather, lost England is full of character and charm.


Andy Mckenzie

Cambridge based printmaker, Andy Mckenzie creates limited edition prints, cards and textile items. He is inspired by everyday life and ordinary 'things'. Andy's designs start with initial drawing and develop through the printmaking process changing colours, textures and sometimes scale.


Martin Parker

Martin Parker is an innovative English photographer who is heavily influenced by nature. Martin is a keen horticulturist, he cultivates his own plants and flowers, the source of his art, in his garden and greenhouse in Cambridge.


Alanna Eakin

We are exhibiting Alanna Eakin’s surreal dreamscape original acrylic paintings at the Affordable Art Fair this October 2023.