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Collection: Shop the Exhibition at Affordable Art Fair New York Fall 2021

Discover the joy of collecting art from Bleach Box Gallery's mini booth at the Fall 2021 Affordable Art Fair New York.
As global travel remains difficult we are participating on a much smaller scale than usual with a mini booth in the under $500 section at this years art fair at the Metropolitan Pavilion. Shop the exhibition here with free shipping.
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  • Beach Lockers, Wildwood, New Jersey, 2013
    'Beach Lockers' was captured on a glorious spring day in Wildwood, New Jersey. It features bold yellow and green shapes against a beach and bright blue sky. Taken in 2013, this photograph was first executed in Richard's darkroom in April 2020. Colour is key in Richard's work, and through the simplicity of this artwork, it really shows. Whilst photographing on the East Coast of America, Richard drew parallels of familiarity to the East Coast of England.
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